Hilda Chazanovitz founded her practice in 1995, after a 20-plus year successful career in media, entertainment, advertising and direct marketing. Inspired by her pro bono work in the arts, with National Geographic and The Jewish Museum in New York, she and her associates made a commitment to working with mission-based organizations in 2001.

With a proven track record in business and with nonprofits, we embrace the mission of an organization with our hearts and adapt smart business thinking for measured impact.

Knowing the importance of having outstanding leadership, well-defined goals and financial health to sustaining an organization, we partner with our clients on:

• mission and vision development
• business planning
• board building
• fundraising
• strategic alliances and partnerships
• marketing and communications

And our network of associates represents the best in their respective fields.

Above all, we measure our success by the success of our clients.

Why clients rely on us

We developed our practice with a strong emphasis on client service and are dedicated to making limited resources effective in the short and long term.

• We ask probing questions, listen carefully and respond with integrity
• We facilitate dialogue and consensus
• We value the mission and the legacy of organizations and their stakeholders
• We embrace the power of storytelling to inspire
  and engage stakeholders, donors and prospects
• We maximize limited resources
• We develop new resources and partnerships
• We focus on the intersections of professional and board leadership
• We understand and value that every organization is unique
• We collaborate with leadership to adapt to a changing environment
• We encourage new ideas, well executed